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What are the differences you have noticed between western and Arab countries?

What are some of the differences both culturally,socially,and politically you have noticed between the western world and the Arab world? What are some things that the western world can benefit from the Arab world and vice versa?



I guess the first difference is love,i think that arabic people love each other and try to help each other even if there is not interest between them.

Here in the western countries,people are capitalist the first scope is monney.

Also,for family organisation,Arabic people have strong relationship with their parents.

For the western,they dont mind about this relationship .

In the other hand people here are more serious,have a lot of goals in their life,and arabic people are frustrated and they are not convinced that they can change things to better.

I couldn't disagree more with shneiderleo's false stereotyping of westerners.   Among hundreds of millions of people in the west, you'll find some westerners who show love to others, and who are helpful to others, and others who don't.  My lifelong experience has been that those who do show love and kindness are in the majority.  Although I have no experience living in Arab lands, I suspect the same is true of Arabs.    


One of the strengths of the west is that generally our societies allow pluralism, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.  Arab countries could take a lesson from that.  On the other hand,    the west could learn from I perceive is the Arab countries' more modest approach to personal behavior.

The people of arab are very religious and have strong concern about their norms and i think they also have much care for each other and politically they follow the basic guide line which is related to Islam

I think to seperate an arab world and western world is not correct. We can seperate east culture and west culture without any relation of religion. Religion is a different discussion area. Yes, culture and tradition inspires from religion but I think culture can feed from different sources. In my view, western culture is more capitalist, more individualist, more beneficiary and more hedonist than eastern culture. You can compare Japanese and Danish, Chinese and German, Suadi and British, US and Taiwanese cultures e.t.c. That's why, if a person who raised in western culture went to east sees all the humanitian things, friendships, neigboorhoodness, helpfullness, generosity, respectfullness family values, etc. And if a person who raised in eastern culture went to west or US sees good organizations, good governance, regularity, loyaltiness of rules, etc. Therefore we can say, eastern culture must get loyaltiness of rules, regularity, good organizations from westerns culture; and western culture must get generosity, helpfullnes, loyalt of family values from eastern culture. Only we should pay attention to take good things from other cultures. 

I lived in the United Arab Emirates for 4 years and I noticed a few differences between them and most western countries, including South Africa where I live now. People are much more conservative in Arab countries, and it's respectful to dress accordingly in arab countries, for example no short shorts or sleevless tops. I also learnt that in Arab countries, one doesn't show the sole of one's feet/shoes while sitting, as it is rude to others. 

here in middle east we 've a strong relationship with Islam .. the Islam provide us with our life style how we can deal e' people muslim or non and it's interfere with every single details of life.  

why i talk about the Islam ? becoz most of the arab are muslims .. 
when you ask why most of us 've a strong contact e' his family & freinds ?
becoze u 'll not be a true muslim e'' that and your degree as a muslim 'll be lower.

we bacame more weak after westernization (18th century) and the British occupation . 
and there is another form of occupation which isn't military , it's a war of U.S. hegemony & intellectual invasion . 

It is interesting that someone complains about the westernization of Islamic lands since the short-lived British occupation of the Middle East, but says not one word about the Arabization of the Middle East and North Africa since Arab Muslims from the Arabian Peninsula invaded, conquered, colonized, and Arabized those regions in the 7th century -- an occupation that continues to this day.  When Muslims pose as anti-imperialists, they should remember Islam's own imperialistic history. 


One difference that I noticed is that many Arabs are more discrete and reserved that western, not only women but men too. Even here in Italki many Arabs men don't declare their real name, age, country and they don't post as avatar their own image. Although I find these qualities usually praiseworthy, I think that many are just paranoid about their identity. 


There are alot of differences , I'm from Jordan and I've been in Berlin for 6 months I've noticed that  in Eu countries , society is so busy , people organise their own lives depend on their own individual  perspective, In arab world we concern in others more than we take care of our selves, if arabian guy acheived high degree in his secondary school certificate his family will convince him to study engineering or medicine in order to gain high salary and high social position , and this point is negative in my society , we have something called "embarasing or shame" for instance , I couldn't ride a bicycle if I'm grown up , because riding a bicycle considered as childhood hoppy , 

In other hand , in arab world we take care of each other , we have a lot of different  cooking and meals and alot of dessert dishes. 



simply , two diffrent culturs , and the difrence r tons :D

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