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What's the hardest thing in your language?

In my Language(Portuguese) The hardest thing are''The conjugations(we have too many conjugations),Also the spoken language is hard,Sometimes we don't even mention I he she it you..Depends on the acasiation won't make sense.

What about in your langauge?



English has very difficult grammar points and a lot of technical rules that as a native speaker we don't need to think about but for people learning English later in life, it is very troublesome. There is no easy way to learn all of the rules. Anyone studying English has to keep practicing. The more you read and listen to English material, the easier it will be to speak proper English, at least that's what helps me improve my Chinese.

I speak Spanish and I hate the tittle, It's a problem to me. For example:

informática, enciclopédico, esdrújula.

I think Chinese is the most difficult language in the world ,as a Chinese ,as yet I still can't master many words,and the stucture of some words  are too complicated to understand.but I  like Chinese very much,as it is full of mystery and challenge,and I'm proud of it. 

"Writing is different from speaking" is the biggest problem.  We are not writing what we speak (Cantonese) but with some deviations.  Also we write the traditional Chinese characters which is very complicated.  Therefore Chinese is a difficult subject in the examinations.


In Mainland China, people write what they speak (Mandarin) and write the simplified Chinese characters.  Generally the standard of Chinese is higher than in Hong Kong.

I identify a very hard thing to learn in spanish for someone that isn't a native speaker: the difference between ser/estar that is the same verb in english and french, that difference (existence and space or condition) produce a big confusion. 

As I'm concerned one of the hardest thing for foreigners is our russian letter "ы" :)

Many people try hard to spell it while learning russian. 

For english speakers of course it's difficult to get used to our grammar (as for the other languages except english I don't know the situation). Conjugation is difficult to understand and to use in practice. 

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