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is there anyone who is fluent in Sanskrit ?

is there anyone who is fluent in Sanskrit ? I just started learning myself. I can tutor chinese in return or pay a fee for Sanskrit tutoring. it would be better if we can meet in Shanghai to exchange/tutoring.



no i think there are very few people who can talk sanskrit fluently.. i can speak sanskrit but not fluently i can understand and can also speak but consume time in thinking

for learning you shell come to india first and in religious places you can found many pandits who can teach  or there is a course in collage in india for sanskrit learning where you got batchler and masters degree and learn far better sanskrit. i had studied sanskrit upto 8th class in school times so, i know this language in normal form but not advanced sanskrit of ancient times.

If you don't mind I can teach you sanskrit But I don't know also properly sanskrit But I help your ..!! If you interest

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