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Namaste! Need your help!

From what i should start in learning Hindi. Any recomendations?



you have to start it with words. any help needed , i will help you . it will be a pleasure, i will get a chance to improve my english

hi ! u should start 4m letters & sounds .

hindi language have 46 consonents and 12 vowels. it also have 5 other letter which rarely .

if u wanna know msg me .i'ii teach u all letters with sounds.

okey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hindi is my native language so i will help you in hindi



This is a good online resource to begin...


check it out... cheers :)

hey i am here what do you want to help us or me?

Start with words? Why words? You dont need words to learn you need sentences to learn like babies.

IF you only learn words you could sound stupid.

really u wanna to learn hindi soon, then u must learn some bad words in hindi,..........


                      this is  top secret, 

I too want to learn hindi.  If anyone can help this will be appreciated.  As an Australian, English is my native tongue and hence I can help anyone with English very well.    



yes batter you should start watching hindi movie first then start use of some common word like (Namaste

why you wont to learn hindi...

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