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I really would love to learn Persian =)

Hey, My first language is Arabic but i'm better at English.=)
I would really love to learn Persian , it seems to be a really wonderful and a different language than the usual languages the rest would speak as they are Arabic, French and English, and i really love Iran and it's really beautiful, please; anyone can help me out here in exchange for some Arabic and English? 



Farsi is very beautiful language. Surely you will find out when you started learning.

let me know if you needed any help.

Salaam, i used to think that Arabic and Farsi are similar. Can you tell some differences between them? Thank you!

Hi Jumana, I may be able to help you. my first language is persian and I am completely fluent in eglish and french. 


And to answer the question of hht19900707: Persian is an Indo-european language, while arabic is semitic, so the former has the same root with Latin, Germanic and Indian languages. The reason people get confused is because both arabic and persian languages use the same alphabet (even if persian has 4 more letters), but the evolution of scipt has nothing to do with the evolution of language.   

What's the difference between Arabic and Farsi? The grammar? Or the vocabularies?


i can help you and we speak english and tell you anything in persian

I really Enjoy for language exchange ... I speak Persian and want to learn Both English and Arabic :)

The best way to learn farsi is to download all of ur favorite farsi songs on ur music device and get the lyrics for them from the internet, and each time u listen to the song translate a new word for urself from that song, and if its ur favorite song ull be listening to it often! keep translating word by word until u learn all of the song's lyrics

@Davud Ashuri's "Arabic had not any grammar and Iranian made the Arabic grammer for Arabic lang!"

The meaning of grammar here is the documented rules of a language, analized as a discipline of knowledge. Every language in the world has its rules and its origin is in oral form. It was Sibawaih (a Persian grammarian) who was the best among the Arabic grammarians in those times. The Arabic script evolved perfectly during the documentation process of the Qura'n which was the motivation and reference for the Arabic grammar and the preservation of Arabic as a standard language. It is true the Persians did contribute to some developments of Arabic and to that of the Persian language as the language of Persian identity (to be exclusive from the Arab world in the Middle East). The pioneers of Islamic Persian language (written in Arabic script) were Omar Khayyam, Sa'adi and some more (this needs further reading)


since my first language is farsi and I am a farsi literature teacher if you have any problem in farsi you can ask me and I am ready to help you .

سلام ، من دانشجوي دكتري حسابداري هستم و در حال آموزش زبان اينگليسي ، خوشحال ميشم با هم آشنا بشيم

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