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Me and my incomprehensible English :)

Hey, what's up! So, I have serious problems with pronunciation. I undestand very well when someone talk with me, but when I need to speak I just can't! Can you say to me, please, how can I get better in my oral English? 

Thanks! :D



Practice practice practice, even if you mess up, next time you'll say it right ! Lots of native English speakers have a skype on here. :)

Yeah, I think that it would help a lot, certainly! The people say always that I should watch more movies, and listen more songs, but it just help my listening. What I need is definitely talk with someone. That's why I came here :)


Just as the other person, simply must practice.  Just do it.  It's ok to make mistakes.  If you practice with someone (for example, on Skype), they won't laugh at you. 

HAHA, just try it hard, speark loudly. Sometimes, I will watch movice and talk to myself. The funny ths is I will think a sentence and translate it in my mind. Its work.

I think that it will really helps. I just need first to lose my fear to making mistakes. Thanks for the tips, guys! Now I just need practice, practice, practice. If any of u want to learn portuguese, I can try to teach u in exchange for patience with my English HAHA what do you think?

hi, I am improving my English and I learned in a classroom, therefore, I also have problems with my pronunciation, but like someone told you practice and practice all the time. In my case I speak with my colleagues and now with my italki friends.


When I was young, I used to talk to myself in English. When we talk to ourselves, the words will be reflected on the reality and we will concern the reality through the words. 


If you are a shy person, I recommend you to talk to yourself at first. the output process is the most difficult stuff because we need to configure between words and the reality. 


We need to practice until the two things are matched and be understood by you. After that, talk to  the native people.


Best regards.


PS: the most important thing is having self-confidence built up by talking to yourself in English because the basics of talking to native speaker is fundamentally built by talking to yourself. if you modified the words used to talk to yourself , the words will be connect with people outside of your world.

hello ,i want to be your friend .and i want to learn some englishi knowleage from you .

Thank you all of you! I think my problem is also to build phrases. I can read and listen allright, but when I have to talk, I get nervous and I stop thinking (gives me a blank)! So I try to think of something to say, I often think wrong, and the words are spoken very slowly, and that makes me even more nervous, then I try to say it faster, and nobody can understand what I'm saying, it's a disaster HAHAHA

Paloma, It is the same with any language.  Once you stop worrying about making mistakes, and just speak, you get better.  :)


If you ever want to practice, my skype is "sean.thomas.glynn" 


Abracos! S

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