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Which specific charachters have women\ men of your country,,,,  what kind of wives or husband are they? Let`s discuss...



For example in my country (Armenia ) men are argumentative , clever and witu tradional way of thinking..They love their families, though can betray their wives,,,,,,  Women are intelligent, sensible, modest and aftet becoming "a wife" they entirely devoted to their children and home.....

i think you made a mistake,you said"what kind of wives or husband are they?" i think husband shoud be husbands right? certainly i am delighted to answer your question,i am a Chinese ,in my country ,generally speaking,people ,whatever men or women,tend to be old fashioned and considerate,these are the same traits of the mojority of Chinese about my parents? they are mom is a traditiomal Chinese mom, kind and easygoing,she always give the delicious food to us,she is the best mom in the world in my dad is not good as my mom,he is more strict to us,in China dad is the monster of the family the time he hlod more rights means more responsibilities,haha that's all

Thanks for correction,,,, of course u are right


Frank , it is very interesting to discover people of different nationalities... I know very little about chinese people , but i would like to know more about them,, as i know they are traditional nation as well...

I'm not vey good at English.So would you please tell me what's the mean of these words "witu","aftet".I can't even find them out in the dictionary .What's more,why do you say  in America canbetray their wives?It's that true?

oh , it`s my mistake during printing)))))

witu= with


u are very observant....thank u

thats your opinion have you ever thought you might be the problem i have been married for 40 years thats why i ask

In china    many  man  like beautifui women .but  some man except for ture love .they don't care  appearance . that is good man  and  a qualified husband.....consist of me


Paul i really RESPECT your 40 years marriage.....but i was talking about the fact that in my country women are usually betrayed and forgive their husband , and i don`t think the problem is in wives... May be i have mistakes in my "SPEECH"....sorry ,, and correct my mistakes , if they exist..

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