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what is your topic or experience when you talk to a foreigner? especially the first time

 it is hard sometime to find a interesting and acceptable topic

and it is awkward when there seems nothing to say.However you still want to keep conversation going



Hi Wendy~


Talking with a foreigner should not be very different than speaking with a non-foreigner. In fact, I think it should be easier! Two people from different cultures would have a lot to learn from each other. Please feel free to talk about anything in the same manner as you would when meeting a non-foreigner for the first time. :)


To me, the first conversation is always the easiest because it's a good time to get to know each other. Ask questions about each other and try to see what interests or opinions you have in common - or, if you have opposing opinions, that sometimes makes for an interesting conversation too. 



P.S. Just a few quick corrections, in case you're interested:

It is hard sometimes to find an interesting and acceptable topic.
And it is awkward when there seems to be nothing to say, but you still want to keep the conversation going.

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