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Georgian people

On this site,it's hard to find people who speak Georgian...




marTali xar =D


arc qartulIs maswavlebeli aq ar aris =/

კითხულობთ ამ ტექსტს?



I don't agree with you?

Are there anyboby, who wants to learn Georgian and can't?


Hi! I speak both Russian and Georgian :) მეც ქართულად ვლაპარაკობ :)

hm :D:D:D win tqva qartvelebi ar ariano? ::D:D:D

აქ ვარ ქართველი :)

Bednieri var, rom aq bevri qartveli aris! Me amerikeli var :D

kojirou634, if you compare georgians to other nations, we are not a lot, that`s true, but, on this site, we are quite enough, as I guess.. 

if we can, we`ll help you without  hesitation :)

good luck!





Sometimes it's hard for me to find georgians because it is 9 hours difference between tbilisi and my home.

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