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Do you believe in religion?

Do you believe in any religion? I mean, I am Christian because I was baptised and I took my first communion but I've never believed in Christianity nor in Catholic Chuch since they don't lead by example. It doesn't make sense that priests even the Pope say "we have to be modest" and they haven't. It's incredible to watch on TV those luxurious buildings, those jewelrys they wear and all of that wealth the Catholic Chuch has.

I can't understand they are against the use of the preservatives even the abortion, so they prefer that people die by ADIS than people have a save sexual relation. 

Even worse, what happen with all of those cases are shown up on TV related to pederasty? None of the priests are tried nor convicted. 

Finally,who can belive that a person who was killed could resuscitate three days after his death?



Actually believing and not believing is a personal freedom.
it depends on what result can everyone come up with after thinking deeply in life and universe.
also the environment arround him has a greate effect on his belief, as someone might be born in a atheist home, shall we expect his belief?  .
So, you can think and try to find some answers for the questions about universe.
1- Who created the universe?
2- Why we are alive?
3- Where we go after death?
4- what if believers are true? will i go to hell after death? XD
so, depending on your answer and thinking about these question, that you will never know its answers. you will decide your way.
also, compare between atheists life and theists life, and try to fined out which one is proper for our universe and could be right..
so i can say that these answers exists in Qura2an or Piple. as it illustrates what exactly happens, what we have to do, and what we should not do.

i'm a muslim and believe me  it is the best one cuz it's the true one.

ican't tell u every thing here, u can just read about it and i'm here to answer all ur questions


best of luck


I agree with Hassan, at the end of the day you believe what you choose to believe in.  


It’s true that Catholicism—like other religions—is not reputable  but looking beyond religion, an individual is just as easily easily prone to ponder about life and find theories on why things are and how.  


There are so many aspects of many modern day religions I’m not OK with, but to tell you truth the idea of a faith still intrigues me: having faith in a someone or something that can sometimes seem impossible is what keeps people going in their darkest days, it gives hope when better days seem impossibe (and it doesn’t even have to be about religion).


As long as you’re happy, life is good is it not? =)


PS. The new pope actually refused to live in the Vatican, he says it’s too luxurious for a man of the people. 

Hi there Natxo :) 

Well , Its a defintly interesting Q. there ~ Cuz kinda just thinking and analysing what you see and feel .. I do love that  !  

Like Hassan and Theta ( nice name ;) )  for a smart person who actually uses his mind like you Natxo , I think its all up to you ! if you wanna know there is a real deal or not  just check what's on top of the news .. one by one  . 

As for me , I'm a Muslim and I am a tiny part of a team called PIT .. if U'd like to have a discussion to know more about Allah , Islam  and what's the meaning of those words and why Everyone know those words tho they are just Arabic , and never been translated to English and more  :)

Or Just have new Friends who can discuss whatever Topic you want and even in spanish as well

May be you can contact them on these info
skype: ask.pit


As for me , I'd be happy to be a friend of yours on here as well ^_^  


Naxto, when you discuss the worth of something, it is unfair to mention only its liabilities, while ignoring its assets. You only present the liabilities of the Catholic choice (of which I am not a member). You complain about certain things that Catholics do, but never mention the myriad of good things they do, such as run hospitals, clinics, schools, orphanages, and women shelters. And you never mention the innumerable individual acts of kindness that Catholics are inspired to perform each day by their religion. If you only look at what you perceive to be the bad things about the Catholic Church, you will fail to see all the good it does.


Lastly, you have criticized the wealth of the Catholic Church.  Naxto, are you personally prepared to sell your computer and other possessions, and then give most of the money you receive to the poor?  If not, why not?  And please don't tell me that you are too poor to sell your possessions and give away most of your money.  There are others poorer than you who could use your help.


I agree with you Naxto. For me the problem isn't that people believe in religion it's that it has a terrible effect on others. Like you mentioned, encouraging people not to use contraceptives for religious reasons is very damaging as it causes the spread of AIDS and it doesn't allow people to control the size of their families so they end up with lots of children they can't provide for.



(Also "preservatives" in English is a false friend for Spanish people as in English it's a substance that treats food in a particular way so it can be kept for a long time without going bad - often it's used for jams etc)

You can not function as a Christian if you do not accept responsibility yourself for reading your Bible, for trying to understand and for praying. If you depend on your leaders to be perfect, and you do not do your part to be a knowledgeable follower, your relationship in a church will be empty. Things of the spirit require faith. Your religion can not be explained in short paragraphs, but requires your active participation and a lifetime of learning and growth. I am a Christian, but not a Catholic, although this is not important.

Hi, i'm a Chinese.I don't believe in Buddhism, but i do believe in the spirit of that. Be a person, u must have your own  principles to live and often it's difficult for us to find them.  where are the principles from? They come from our spirit. What we think leads to the actions most of the time. So maybe u can just take sth good from your religion

God created the world.and he made the rules about everything.the nature rule and the social rule ,especially relationship between people,like parents and chileren,husband and wife.God regard marriage as important ,he think the relationship between husband and wife is just like christ and chruch.the rules are made to protect us,to prevent us from hurt by each that we can enjoy life and have a real freedom in that enviorment.and God gives human free will that we can choose who we will serve.adam and eva had make a choice. today everyone should choose his way ,too.a way full of life ,truth and love or a way of death and darkness. that must be the most important choice people can make.jesus christ or not.and i am a christian

I am a Christ Follower. Jesus Christ is the only way to God. He gives me such peace and joy! This world will soon be judged, where do you stand before God? Please think of your eternal destiny. 


"For when we were still without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.  For scarcely for a righteous man will one die; yet perhaps for a good man someone would even dare to die. But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him."

~Romans 5:6-9 

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