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Movie 'Pursuit of HappYness'

I wonder why it is not 'HappIness' in the title? Any ideas?


I am sure all of us know what it means to be UNhappy, but what does it mean for you to be happy?


The name: Tomas Jefferson was mentioned, can anyone explain why? and who is he?


The movie is with Will Smith, do you like his acting in the movie? Did he play realistically? Do you like his character? Why? if not, why not?


Thank you for your answers ;)


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You know I haven't actually seen this movie but I've heard a lot about it. I assume "happiness" is misspelled because it's trying to say that wealth and education aren't the most important things for being happy. Thomas Jefferson was the third American president, around 1800; he also wrote the Declaration of Independence whose signing in 1776 is the official beginning of the U.S. as a nation independent of England.


Will Smith will always be the fresh prince to me ;)

I love, love this movie! I will watch it again (And Amelie too) to know the answers. ;)))

I will find it hard to watch this movie again, I cry with almost every movie (probably 90% of the movies I watch! :D) and with this one it's absolutely unavoidable, that night at the metro station bathroom... omg... it's really hard, it makes me think of some childhood scenes that got inscribed in my mind. It is a really good movie. I believe Will Smith's acting and his child too, he's a good actor and he really gives life to his role in this movie, I mean, a good actor should be able to transmit the feelings, fears and expectations his portraying through the character, in that sense I definitely buy it. 

I believe the movie gives the impression as if once you are financially secured, you are happy, when you are free from worries, debts, etc. But it is a little beyond that. When you have a family, you want to give them everything, you want to make them happy is finding your happiness. For me that's happiness and you can see the scene when they are playing basketball, they're both enjoying and holding to each other throughout the movie, even after the mother has left them which is the character I could hate the most in the movie. She couldn't be there through the though times, and for what I think, he didn't need to secure a job in the stock market to be happy, being with his son, teaching him good values, making him a good and dignified man, was his happiness. Having the means to do so was the key, money is never the real need, only an instrument. Just like knowledge is not the mere goal, but what you do with it.


Irma, you said what I wanted to say (Or what everyone wants to say). :D Include my name to your comment please; I can't add more to what you said. :$ :D


That is sweet of you to say Shaimaa, but I bet someone else will say something more about the movie and also about happiness, I'm really interested in reading what happiness means to all of you and how do you find happiness yourselves! :))))


In addition to my previous comment and about K's questions, The title of the movie refers to the scene where Chris tries to correct the man who is making a graffiti and mispelling the word "Happiness" as Happyness jeje. And Thomas Jefferson is mentioned because his phrase gives the movie its title,_liberty_and_the_pursuit_of_happiness - Chris says that maybe Thomas Jeff knew we could only pursuit happiness but never actually have it. But I don't agree with this, happiness is not a dog we have to chase, it's a matter of perspective, of point of view, of attitude. "It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves" - Sir Edmund Hillary


Hooo! Girls you're so active ! The pursuit of HappYness is one of the best movies I've watched.. I cried during the last scene. Concerning the title , I remember that HappYness was written so on the wall and they said it was spelled wrong. I loved the realtion between him and his son. One of my fav parts of the movie is when Chris told his father this story : "Hey dad, you wanna hear something funny? There was a man who was drowning, and a boat came, and the man on the boat said "Do you need help?" and the man said "God will save me". Then another boat came and he tried to help him, but he said "God will save me", then he drowned and went to Heaven. Then the man told God, "God, why didn't you save me?" and God said "I sent you two boats, you dummy!"

The movie is globally wonderful : the idea , the acting ect..

ohhh,It is one of my favorite movies,actually Will Smith is a great actor.He transmitted his feeling to me.I cryied alot when i watched it,but i learned something .you should struggle to get what you want and at the end you ll achieve it but you should believe in yourself and dont get disappointed.





I think in a general sense it is just a reference to the state of a person being happy, but in the movie isn't there a daycare center in which there is a sign with the word misspelled? I saw that film (in the theater) before I ever really thought it possible that my life could ever be like those of the characters...such movies are much better than special effects blockbusters.

Thomas Jefferson was also the first Secretary of State (minister of foreign affairs, roughly, as you probably know). Like he said above, he did and was those things. He was also a scientist to some extent, a scholar, linguist, inventor, and architect or some note. If you look on the back of US nickels (previous to '03 or so I think), there is Jefferson's house which he designed, Monticello, located in Virginia. He also designed some or all of the buildings for the University of Virginia. Another thing about Jefferson: he was hypocrite. He wrote about "all men created equal", and I'm sure said or wrote things against this, but he was a slave-owner, or slave-controller. Under the laws of the time, of course, people were considered to be property.

I think Jefferson was of Irish descent. He also fathered one or more children with one of his slaves, Sally Hemmings. I think there are still descendents from this affair who are alive. I'm almost certain he was a signer or ratifier of the U.S. constitution, which was  around 1790 or so, I think. After the Revolutionary War was over. Right? 

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