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what do you think about chinese girl

I think most of the chinese girl are understanding and lovely, however ,some are too shy or indraw!

what is your idea about chinese girl?




in the ancient time, most of Chinese girls were blushfulness that is owing to the traditional culture. But nowadays, allkinds of culture was brought in and that have an influence on many things, for example: personality. So, actually, U can find Chinese girls in any kinds of character. However, most of us still remain a sort of national character deep in our mind and soul.


Most of them are kindness and sympathy. They don't want to be the one who could change the world or the centre of the society, but live in a simple, comfortable life.

It is owing to Chinese traditional culture.In ancient china,shy and indraw are good personal qualities for gils.Just like what 小仙X said,most of us still remain a sort of national character deep in our mind and soul.

i think they are beautiful. hahahahaha ^^

You know what, all the comments are given by Chinese, this's weird!!!

Chinese girls know how to live,they will try their best to live better!

I think Chinese gare good good and beautiful. They are very traditional.

Sometimes i can't understand chinese girls too.Although i am a chinese girl.We need free, and we want do more things like a boy, but the different between girls and boys. Shy and flusch both have,have one or more close girl friends.

beautiful do not explain~~~

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