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What language would YOU like to learn, and why?

I want to learn Korean because it would be helpful in my carrer :0 help? ^^




I would love to learn spanish and norweigen so i can spent with my cousins while knowing what there talking about :P


I would like to learn korean because it's a chalange, I like this language, and it will be so nice to understand  a song or a drama without translation . ^^

I myself want to learn Korean and Chinese though my major now is Japanese. >"<
I just find Chinese is kinda suitable for me. And Korean is for my hobby ~ 

I want to learn Korean, because i just love it with no reason.

Since the day i started watching Korean dramas, and listed to Korean music, i was hooked. 

Just love the sound of it and everything, it's unexplainable! Haha xD


I want to learn English because it's the main language in the world. If I dominate that idiom I'll communicate with a lot of people.

I would like to learn turkish because it's a chalange with myself that i can do it , I like this language, and it will be so nice to understand it and ofcourse i love turkia and im hope that one day i live in it

Languages are just the way to understand the purpose of the person.Learn that language which helps in your carrier and interesting culture.

you shell learn hindi.. because there are many language which are similar to hindi like.. urdu, sanskrit, haryanvi, khari boli etc. so you will found all these languages are coorelated and you can kill 4-5 birds with one stone :)

I think that choosing a language to study is a very individual matter. When it comes to languages I kind of go with a flow.

I started learning Spanish at uni and just don't wan't this time to be wasted (like it was with French and German, studied them at school, but I don' remember anything).

And I started learning Korean because I lived there (originally I wanted to study Chinese). And after returning I just wanted to carry on. Don't know what my next language is going to be. It depends where I'm gonna move to next :)

I think that learning every language is a challenge. And a lot of fun, too. And every next laguage you learn seems easier. 

Some people learn languages because they find them useful, sme just for the fun of it. But we all discover a new world while leaning. Anf that is what i like so much about it.

If you want to learn Korean because it will be good fr your carrer, do it! It is a very interesting language. I find it fascinating. But I guess it was the same when I started learning Spanish :)

Good luck!


I would love to learn as many languages and different scripts as possible. Then communication will be a lot easier and I can watch TV and read in those languages, and do not need a translation. There are many good movies, that come without a translation, and I think that reading the subtitles can be very confusing and does not always provide you with the right translations.


Therefore I am already learning many different languages, but for a start I would take a language, that is useful to me. For example if you have a penpal in another country, or are fascinated by a special culture, want to read a certain book in the corresponding language. For me at the moment that is true for Russian, Hindi and Italian, therefore I try to study those mostly.

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