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Spanish, French, German and Arabic on Skype!


Hello everybody!

A friend and I are creating a skype group where everyone can learn or improve the language he/she would like to experience. We are starting with the languages Arabic fos7a, French, German and Spanish (but will possibly be able to add more languages in the future!). Drawing from all different parts of the world, it's bound to be a wonderfully interesting experience!

If you are interested, simply write down your skype name and I will add you to the skype group.
It's as simple as that! Please don't hesitate to contact me, I hope we get many participants!

See you soon!



hello I am a native spanish speaker I can help with spanish and I am willing to improve my english.

Svenska , English , French , And  spanish Here :) hit me uppppppp

hi ,am yoyo,spanish learner,speak mandarin,english and cantonese

Native English speaker. Interested in Spanish and Portuguese mostly but open to learning any and all languages :)

I´m eager to learn and keen to teach. Let me say that I´m Spanish and Galician native speaker

I think that it will be interesting a application for helping people to translate their CV to another language . If  you are looking for a job in another country , it will be interesting to translate your CV in another languages.  I have my CV in Spanish and English, and I understand perfectly Portuguese but I have problems with the writing translation . I´m looking for somebody who can help me with this task.


Thanks a lot !




My name is Sean and I am trying to learn espanol. 

Hi, I'm Dieyna french native speaker willing to improve my english


Hi! Learning spanish.  

Hola, hablo español y  me interesa aprender Ingles contactarme Skype : ShemsGX

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