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Hello everyone

Before i was speaking with my friend and she said that she , now , makes a job that doesn't love a lot....Even when she was children, she wanted to become a medical specialist but for different reasons, she has been forced to do other.
I , always , think that an our passion can become a job.....Is there anyone that make a job different by that you have always dreamed?




I ask you to correct my mistakes 




i'm facing the same problem 

when i was children i always wanted to be a pediatrist and today i'm a software engineer and i don't like to much what i'm doing , that's why i will register for a PHD and then become a university professor because it was always my second passion

excuse my english level :/

I don't have such problems because my passion is my curiously and I love to study. I can't live without learning.
I can't say what kind of job I don't like because I had already some jobs in my life.
When I was 15 years old I started to work part time as secretary and I was a very nice secretary. After school I was invited on my first main job and I had three places where I could go to work. I always try to organize my work so that I can do everything very fast and very well, and I have a free time a half a day and I spend this time for learning something interesting.
I can't hate my job because if I understood that I did everything for this job and I can't give anything usefull else, I can go further and I change my job.
When I learn something interesting for me, for the first time I just can help someone to do this work, but after some time I can do this work independently as professional.
So I learnt management and I worked as manager, I learnt accounting and I work as an accountant. My husband and I worked as designers some years, I worked as a teacher. When I was bored I started to learn English in the regular time and I hope after some years I will can to work as interpreter. I also want to learn development because we work with software.

i haven't got a job yet. But the job i'm applying now is not what i desire from the very begining. I used to have many dreams like an artist, host, etc. But i always give up those dreams because i think i have to do what the others do and expect me to do. Now, the job mentioned above is not easy for me to get because my qualification is not good enough to do that. and i choose to do that work for money.

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