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what do you know about egypt ?


ماذا تعرف عن مصر ؟



me9r hua Egypt :p

Beautiful, warm&calm Red Sea, colorful fishes as in cartoons, elections and the counting of votes which lasted more than my holiday, too hot wind, 50 degrees in the shade, very high street curbs maybe because they all drive madly, "paradise island" with one palm ...ecc......:)

om aldunia hhhhhhhhhhhhh

It's a popular destination for tourists. Those startling pyramids that stand out from the horizon are the main reason for them to visit.
I still wonder how did they build them. Classic history taught us that the massive blocks were dragged and lifted using man power but according to new theories and findings, blocks were lifted using levitation through some sort of magnetic field and machinery.

I just know Hosni Mubarak

I know that Egypt is an ancient land with thousands of years of history.


I know that Egypt is the leader of the Arab world. That is, other Arab countries look to Egypt for leadership.


I know that the Egyptian people hope that the new government will work hard to improve the economy so that all the people will have jobs in order to enjoy a prosperous life.


And I know that foreign visitors love Egypt, for it is such a beautiful and interesting place.


I just know it's an Arabic country

It's hot desert. Egypt has had history since ancient times. I'm going to sharm-el-sheikh in 5 days, and I'm going to dive with mask and camera!

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