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alternative medicine

what Do you think about that kind of medicine? Do you prefer traditional western medicine? What kind of alternative medice have you tried?


I have tried alternative medicine because I have known a man who was raised with chinese thefore he knows how to diagnose illness through non conventional methods such as reflexology, digitopuncture, A few years before I was sick and he looks at my feet he touches some points and then he gives me a diagnose without asking me what are my symptoms, he told me: "You need to clean your liver and your defences are weak" then he formulated me natural medicine with plants and It works for me. I know that are other kind of alternative medicine such as iridology, therapy looking your hanset, but there are many methods that I dont know.



I prefer all natural and I think its better to try with alternative medicine first. We all know that pharmaceutical industry is big business and have a tendency to become bigger, and to cause situations that we spend a lot of money on pills. The old Chinaman know the thing, take a look on a short video by Gragg Braden "cure all illness in 3 minutes". Everything (or mostly all) is in our mind. If you think that you can heal yourself by pills, or by some egzotic tea, or by acupuncture, it will certanly help because you belive in it. In my country you can wait for a turn to the doctor 2 months or even more, so its better to find alternative method of a treatment :)

Hello Kristina I think exactly like you because I hate the fact that you need a pill to be fine, and you are right pharmaceutical industry is a big business and we only are his customers, they don´t care about our health in fact the more ill we are the more money they earn. However there are many people who are thiefs and they pretend they are professional alternative doctors, but they only want to steal someone's money. 

It is some anecdote:
- doctor, I have headache and diarrhea, help me, please.
- Of course, here is a pill.
Doctor is breaking the pill on two parts and saying:
- One half is for your headache and second half is for your diarrhea. And do not mix up!
So, it’s about my country’s public hospitals. The good hospital you can find only in big cites and only paid doctors in these clinics. So, if you want to be healthy, you better take treatment by alternative medicine.
For example, my wife after childbirth fell ill. She has some sort of womb’s inflammation. And she was being treated 10 days in clinic by antibiotics, droppers and etc.; and my ten day’s daughter was being ate baby-food instead mother’s milk. In a week later after recovery the diseases returned. And this time we went to a familiar masseur. She gave some kind of herbal potion and massaged my wife 4 times over 4 days. And from that time it was no problem with wife’s health.
So let see.
Hospital: - spent a lot of money
- took the harmful pills
- my daughter has no mother’s milk
Just massage and herbal potion: - spent not a lot of money
- did not took the harmful pills
- my daughter has delicious and healthy mother’s milk
Resume by you self. And be healthy.

I have studied and applied alternative health therapies for 41 years.  Most of the time they work beautifully.  The only thing that has been resistant to herbs, nutrition, vitamin supplements, colloidal silver, etc. has been tooth root infection from trauma to the mouth (not cavities).


J'adore herbes, méga-vitamines et autres autres remèdes naturels.

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