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How can I understand must I forgive a person or not? Please help me, friends? And how?

Hello! Please friends advise me what i can do. One person made me feel very bad with its unworthy behaviour :-(  must I forget or not? thanks beforehand




it depends to how much u like ur friend or what mistake does he do. maybe it is unforgiven. u should consider all things. but if i was instead of u i try to dont make my mind busy for vain things. u are important and its important to what u think


forget and forgive.. you'll be happy always. whenever you think about other mistakes, you'll be happy and sad. so, it's better to forget everything.. life is full with wonderful why you've to be mad and unhappy? :D Just an opinian

by the way who is he?

first know about the reason why he did it with you.if he cheat you & he is special person for you then dont forgive him.why he can play with your feelings

If he said he is sorry then forgive him but never forget

He's forgiven

Forgivness always set people free. Forgive for your sake - you are worthy of it...

How to forgive?


First you want to forgive and this is the most important from all. So a will is necessary. Effort is necessary. Look for people who have experiences in this area. Priests are excellent helpers in my opinion, they know how to help such people as you are. Try it.

people in the world are really different!

do you know the most and the best my friends in my life  are those who give me a bad feeling!

we hate together then have bad strugle and then try to dont speak together but finally we understand we love each others!

dont pay attention to these feeling  ,they come and go!

but here i have friend that make me sure that he can be my next friend in my life........but.......

you cant image how can i love the last sentence that he told me dont speak with me!

according to my style life  it means i like to  speak with you!

be sure he love you if he told you i hate you !

my dear;

your life is secret!!!!!!

Forgiveness is necessary not for the persn wh hurt us but for ourselves however forgetting and trusting again is not a must especially if that person does not change.

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