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What will you do?

If you care much about a person u won't see (maybe),you will miss him.And you want to talk with him every moment,you also want to stay with him if it is possible.what will you do ?



I would tell him about your feelings.


Chat on Skype! Haha ... isn't that what we all do for the one who is not here?  Or QQ!  老鬼

I tell him a bout my feeling :)






Maybe it sounds weird but you can record his voice every time he talks to you and then when you misses him, hear his voice in your computer or in your phone. Also you should tell him about your feelings, tell him that you miss him, he could give you some pictures and you could carry them everywhere. So you could have his voice and his picture everywhere.

I put myself too important.I will not do so many stupid things.I'm just a passer in his life, I should mind so much?

just tell him about your feelings before he will go away from you.dont miss this oppotunity if you really feel about him

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