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Are there any barthrooms at metro stations in any country?


Well, I was reading a comment by a Spanish girl and she said something about a "metro station bathroom". It sounds so funny because there are no bathrooms free to use on (in/at?) the Russian metro. I mean, of course there are some for staff but you can't use a bathroom by the way home by metro. Is there any country where you can do that? Just curious.



Here is bathroom at metro stations. I just put shit at a handicapped one, I was in hurry. I usually dont do it as possible as I can. And I found there is function broken down that I could not wash out my shit

So felt so sorry. It is lucky, there is toilet paper nowadays. I often afraid of forgetting it. But now I can use that without worrying. I can wipe my ass neat as possible as I can although I should not.

I had ever seen private bathroom out of station but that is more comfortable actually.


Here in Los Angeles, we have a very short subway system -- nothing like the wonderful systems in London, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, etc.


When they were planning our subway, the police told the city: Do not offer restrooms.  Why? Because the police were afraid that the restrooms would be used by female prostitutes and by homosexual men looking for partners.


I have read that some people, therefore, use the elevators as restrooms!



In china,There's no bathroom in the metro station,Eventhough the toilet ,we didn't have it too,I heard about that the Moscow's subway was very famous ,isn't it?  

There are no bathrooms in Moscow metro because it is very deep. Imagine how much elictricity and water per day it would take to maintain such bathrooms. And how much will then tickets cost.

I guess other Russian cities don't have metro bathrooms because it takes not much time to travel inside. Those blue cabines near entrances are enough for people's demands.

Also people wonder why there are no trash bins inside metro system. They were abandoned after those terroristic explosions in 2004.


Thank you all! It's very interesting to know about different countries' undergrounds. I think I will tell you more about Russian metro someday.

Didi, you shouldn't tell people things like that about you on the internet. I really felt I didn't need to know that.

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