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which one is better this days:money or love?



Actually both!
BUT I would focus at first in money because love doesn't fill my stomach and doesn't pay bills haha *Joking
Well I guess must exists a equilibrium between both. I mean, both are really important for someone's life. You can't say "I don't need love" or "Love is more important than all" because in reality isn't that way. Today I'm focusing on my carrier but I really need someone with me, someone who I can trust and love. I guess I was a little bit confused with my ideas, sorry! I hope you understant my point of view =)

I think love is better. I find money can buy everything but everything will be changed.

I put a lot of money to love that I feel worth.

Although spending so much but I feel that dont need many things anymore.

So Love should be the first to start.

Just seek money better base on love.

Although I lack a lover,

but there is thought space different

I reach her condition finally without memory we pass by

She saved her love for safty including worry getting old to be thrown away by me

But there is no memory we keep we treasure, I certainly dont like her old face.

So we know our love does not exist tho being sad.


both .. no money no honney . thats mean no money no honey xD HAHA 

to be honest , money is always needed  no one  can say that is not needed  or just  superficial because it isn't love is the weapon that moves the  world , but .. you know no one can life  only by love....   all people needs things 

unmet needs , such as home , food , studies , cash , food etc.. you might be the most loved person by others.. but if you don't even have those things that are included in what Money is named like.. You'll be .. f...d up :/ sadly but true.


for  all those persons who says ,,,  love is  first ,  take an eye   to all people who suffer  because of the  economy and tell them ,  hey you/,, don't be sad  you are a loved one... it makes sense...   if you understand  sarcarsm 

Neither one nor the other, buy happiness and you have both.

actually which one are you guys prefer with? money or love:)? pick one:)

both of them are important for us if still balance

I would rather have more love in my life than money, but it helps not to be poor.

I think that love is more important because love is a general feeling that gives you everything, I am not only talking about romantic love, I am talking about love in general, so if you love what you do, you will get more benefits and maybe you can earn more money, if you love your family, you will be more happy, if you love your girl/boyfriend you will enjoy more. I think that love is a powerful engine to achieve anything you want, even when you are poor if you make things with love, you love working hard, you love to persist, you will be successful. If you have money, I ask myself: How Do you earn your money?  you must love something, you must love to be successfull, you must love to keep richer because if you dont feel love you couldn´t achieve anything even you need love to live because if you don't love to live, you would quit of your life.

Sorry for my mistakes I hope you can understand what i said.

both of them is important..

but if want to choose someone, or you want to choose a job, i think it must be based on love not money

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