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Students in school should have less homework and more free time. What do you think?

Students in school should have less homework and more free time. What do you think?



According to me in school students have more practical things should have dine rather home work which can be beneficial in their future.


I agree with you 100%.


Here in the United States, many students do not do well in school because they are lazy or they are not very intelligent or they have bad behavior, etc.


Of course, the government wants to improve the situation. So some government officials have said:

Let's make the school year longer and let's give them more homework.


Of course, this does not improve the situation. For one reason, bad  students will simply refuse to do the homework.


Of course, the good students will do the homework, but the homework is often "busy work."  That is, the homework has no value. It is just something to keep the students busy.


I agree with you: good students learn enough during school hours. Then they should relax at home.


If you are talking about Korean schools then yes. Especially High School and middle school but due to the University application system and the competitive nature of Korean people I don't see how it could be changed. In Western countries it is more relaxed and we do put value on free time and extra activities that are not school related.

Schools shouldn't Have Homeworks , a ton of times  homeworks  are just the way how teachers rid of the  students  in the classroom and  start to feel tired  of teaching and  prefer to makes them  have a ton of homeworks , 




Agree. Students would have more time to study - the time which is usually spent on finishing work assigned by their teacher. 


I definitely agrree. In Finland there is no homework or exams, and they still manage to be on the top three positions on ODEC's PISA. So it goes to show that homework and exams do not make better students.


Unfortunately on PISA's top 5 there are also countries like Korea and Singapore, where school students are drilled with lots of homework. So until further studies, it might be that more homework will not help students improve in certain subjects, but no homework does not gurantee succesful students.

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