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How are you spend your day today?

                              Today I went to my college at 8:00 c'lock,I had two lectures,but when I back to my house I found  all my family in house ( grandfather, aunts,uncles,and my friends) It was best day in this week.


pleas tell me How is your day?



Really I am confused today. I don't know what to do because I am waiting for my IELTS score.


today, i want to go to campus...

and go to laboratorium.


I am waiting for mid-exam. Nothing to be read but still feel that I should read.

And some affairs need to be deal with..

Anyway I am familiar with the state.

it was my one of my friend's birthday, we have made a birthday party for him. it was awesome day .

I worked all day long i also  slept well not slept  but I had some rest in bed ,  most of time was  in front to the computer  because i am  computer addict i think xD now i'm learning languages and stuff..

i had a good day ,as usual I spendEd it working all day long, I did all my task at work and after that I got back home.

now I'm at college all in, but in a few minutes I'm gonna home to rest.

My body's energy is running out . I really think so, I need to take a vocation I'm so tired lately.


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