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Vem hjälpa mig med svesnka ? Who can help me with svenska

jag var larande svenska jag gjorde inte kursen klass :(


I was learning  svenska  at the university but I left the course  cuz I moved to other country ,

where can I find good and free lessons ?

on the internet on someone in here 



Jag lär mig jag har inte haft många lektioner


Hej Monica! I tried to correct what you wrote. That was what I was thinking you may have been saying, but I'm not 100% sure. I'd love to help you. Here are some things on the internet that can help you: (to continue with the lessons, just change the number in the URL to the next one up. I think there are 7)


These should help you! If you want to listen to it, here are some of my favorite swedish youtubers: Tahultsbarn, Marelpett, VeryCoolNinja, TheSwedishLad/SvenskaMartin, Linneanaslund, papperzize, PStaffan, and Dominovlog.


And like i said, message me if you want any help :) I'm learning too but I'm sure I can help you.

Lycka Till 


hola..yo tengo archivos para compartir si deseas...respondeme por favor




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