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Most Difficult language to learn???

Many think that Chinese is the hardest language to learn due to the many different letters and the characters used in their language.

Some say english because it is just written weird from any language.. 

i want to hear what you all think the hardest language to learn is !1

Learnign English can be a little easy once you have the correct snetence structure , since it is different from many othr languages in the world .



Russian, if not latin..

Yeah they both can be pretty hard as well.. 

Even I heard that Chinese is the most difficult language to learn.


A person's native tongue influences how hard it is for them to learn a language. 


There is a really cool info graph that has a list of the hardest languages for an English speaker to learn. Follow this link:


Personally, I think Cantonese (Chinese Dialect) is the most difficult.


The written and spoken languages structure are completely different. It has 7 (some argue it's 9) tones. It uses characters. And they don't really have a common Romanies system for learning. It's a tough one to learn.

I think English is difficult,because I can't learn well in recent year.TAT

@张德霆- Why can't people figure out the number of tones in Cantonese?

For me English is the hardest.Chinese is so easy.


It differs from person to person..Learning Spanish is easy for a Portuguese speaker,English easy for a French speaker,Tamil for a Malayalam speaker and vice versa..But language learning becomes difficult when a person tries to learn a totally different kind of language belonging to another family of language.

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