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Question about sentence

My friend told me "If I were a child, I would like to go to the zoo" Is this sentence right ?Why?



Your friend told you " If you were a child, you would like to go to the zoo" The sentece should be right because you used the right grammar. :)


This is the so-called subjunctive. It refers to something that is NOT true.


I guess that your friend is NOT a child, so s/he said:


If I WERE (I am NOT) a child, I WOULD like to go to the zoo."


( IMPORTANT: Some native speakers use "was." But most Americans still use the subjunctive a lot.)


Other examples:


If I WERE (was) the president [of course I am not the president], I WOULD change the laws.

If everybody WERE (was) a nice person [of course, not everyone is nice], this WOULD be a wonderful world.

IF she WERE (was) beautiful [the truth is: she is ugly], she WOULD have many boyfriends.

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