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hello everybody!!

I have a question. Could you explain the meaning of life??



Of course!


"We must cultivate our garden."

1. the ability to breathe, grow, reproduce, etc. which people, animals and plants have before they die and which objects do not have

2. the state of being alive as a human; an individual person's existence


Hope this helps ^_^

a characteristic that distinguishes objects that have signaling and self-sustaining processes from those that do not either because such functions have ceased (death), or else because they lack such functions and are classified as inanimate

42, of course.

Why are we here?


1. Some people who believe in God say that the meaning of life is to be God's obedient servant. That is, we should let Him guide us in order to do His Will.


2. Some people who do NOT believe in God say:


a. Life has no meaning.

b. We are born; we die.

c. Between birth and death, it is our responsibility to give meaning to our individual lives.


i. Some people become doctors. Helping sick people gives meaning to those doctors.

ii. Some people become teachers. Helping people learn something gives meaning to those teachers.

iii. Some people become actors. Entertaining people gives meaning to those actors.


iv. Of course, there are MANY bad people.  I guess that the meaning of life for them is to hurt other people.

3. I suggest that you find a career that REALLY excites you. Then devote your life to becoming the BEST expert in that subject. That will truly give meaning to your life. Write some books. Even after your death, people will read your books.


4. Or you could simply decide to be a good person. You could work hard to be a good husband and parent. You could work hard to be a good employee. You could decide to be an honest person who never cheats anyone else. You could decide to be a good person who never hurts another person (with either words or actions). The meaning of life for you, then, would simply be to be the best human being possible.

life is wonderfull thing))) but not everyone understand it(( just believe in God and live with love*


Life is a excuse to be happy.

xexe very interesting question,I think meaning of life it's search yourself))) know that why we exist......


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