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Do you use the word ?

"I'm jelly" means "I'm jealous"


Do you use it?



Hi Yumi, why this question?

I heard this phrase.

but it isn't on my dictionary. 

I personally don't use that. I think it is usually used on television in silly shows. It's not used very often in every day conversation, as far as I know.

Yes it does mean jealous, but people use it as a rhyme. It is proper to use with your friends, as of trying to make a joke. Lol

Right it means Jealous , but people use it for fun, or as a joke with friends ..

yes it belong to the word jealous


We say "jel" in Newcastle.

"Are you jel?"

I'd only say it as a joke though.
People also ask, "what's the gen?" which I assume means "general news".



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