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What period's and which culture's music do you like most?

When i was just a little kid i was fascinated by the songs on Television. The songs belonged to the other cultures and that was the reason why i liked them so much. It was like a door opening to the other worlds. It was more than what you see in the screen. Then times changed and so did the taste of music. While they are in a never-ending quest, we encounter a new type of music year after year. This shouldn't be thought in a negative sense of course. However, when you hear an old song featuring a particular period, you feel the same feelings just as you once experienced. You are remembering the sad and missed things you would never want to remove from your life. You wish the music never ends...

For me it is the music of 90s and early 2000s even though i like the older and newer ones as well? American and French Canadians to be sure. How about you?



I have the same feeling like yours. If I like a new song, I will listen to it again and again for a while. Now, looking back, I realize that each period of time in my life is accompanied with a couple of songs. Whenever I catch these songs again, I have a feeling that all my memories in those days is pouring down around me.
When I was at high school, one of my favorite songs is “Yesterday once more” (Carpenters). Listening to it again, I get like transported back in time when I was at high school. I can see clearly in front of my eye I was holding my small old radio before going to bed.
I love to listen to the traditional song from many countries and cultures in the world. Sometimes, I just search on Youtube for a country name and their traditional music. Then, I can enjoy the many fresh rhythm that I have never listened to before. Traditional music helps transcend the limit in geography to know how people in other countries look like, their languages, their custom, clothes and the beautiful landscape.
I like some songs from the 1950s til the 1970s for their charm and pure spirit. And above all, I love non – lyric music.


Blues, Jazz of Shanghai 30's, Mongolian music, Chinese Folk music, Samba, Tango, Mexican, Indian, Malian, Bach, Schubert, Stravinski, Glass, Betthoven quartets, Indian, Gypsy, Reinhardt/Grapelli, Bob Dylan, Hoagy Carmichael - eclectic choices



in middle school.My firends and I'd liked YONGLING TAN \ ANGE TONG \ GUORONG ZHANG \ HUAJAN ZHUO that time ,we were young girls.They were pretty youny that time,we were all foolish\selfish,but happiness.but,we can't go back now.How can we go back?


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