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Long Distance Relationship ? Can you believe ?

what do you think about LDR ? have u ever feel it ?

i was feeling. sometimes i cant believe, but sometimes i am too believe.

what will u do when u're missed him. but he didnt give the news ?



I think it depends upon which the relationship is. if the relationship is father and son , it can sustain for certain , but if the relationship is not well defined , like most lovers, it would be considerable brittle as no any legal link between both. for most lovers with long distance relationship , they cannot hold the relationship for a long time . I heard about some extra example indeed and they became couples later. as far as i am concerned , I don't think it worthy to be tried and i would rather ask her or me to work or live together for the future days.


this is my sincere opinion


it is better to be don't need to worry about this problem.

It is hard to pass away. I felt it a few years ago. If there is a choice, I will bring her beside me always. but it wasnt there.

Maybe you can call him, send him a message or something. Just keep your feel for him alive.


i can't believe.



@allen : thanks for ur comment :)

@adepherdana : i was feeling. and we are different countries. indeed difficult. but so far all in very good condition. hahahaha u know how millions miles indonesia - turkey ? hahaha :D


yes olin,i believe in long distance mostly depend on how much you understand with each other & which type of bonding you have with that just keep continue the conversation by mobile messages,social network & any way to communicate with him.i know when the communication keep is so long. we worried about that person & just want communicate in any how


It IS possible.  It certainly is possible to start that way, but you have to be face to face at times, at least.  老鬼

I do believe in they existance. I have a close friend in Moldova whom I have never seen, we are being in-touch for almost 5 years. Speaking about love, I can't imagine long-distance-relashionships. But still don't deny them.

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