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what's your biggest dream?in the past or future



I want to be a girl with good dance, but it cost my much time on work ,now i have no idea what is my future , i think i really need to pend some time to consider what to do in the future

when i was a kid , i want to be a famous singer. But now......

when i still young my dream i want to be a pilot but now i'm not :) 


in futuer i hope to be a good readers ( read 36 books per a year ) 


To be a famous writer is one of my dreams. I love writing so much. Writing has been my passion since I was little. Another dream of mine is to travel around the world and experience everything the world has to offer. Hopefully, my dreams will come true in the future. I believe that everything's possible as long as you work hard to make it happen. :)

have good job and get married

Travel is my biggest dream ever 

My biggest dream is get married and give birth a baby (or two babies):) And traveling as a family.

find my dream girl and this is of course impossible and find a good job I think that's it

I want to do three promising things in my life that is solely for myself and my carrier and of course i would like to do charitable acts in future. First:learn English, Second:be a CISCO certified professional and third:become a guitar virtuso. These three independent things really have true value in my life. As being social, i need to communicate with people. So, i think English is the best language which gives you freedom to talk with people and being international language everyone is concerned about it. Then, one need to earn money to satisfy their need that will be take care by my professional job and at last one need to pacify their mental phenomenon that will be carried out by Guitar. As eveyone knows fact that music is the best therapy for soothing and relieving stress and frustation.

My big dream is to move in a detached house. I would like to go barefoot in the morning when the grass is still wet, and I'd like to eat my breakfast outside, when the sun rises. I'd planted flowers and organised many garden party with my friend and family.

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