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why so many languages ​​in the world?

well.. everybody know the legend about languages...but true is it,or not??we just people...we live in different countries,but why us is so many?



Surely we can't be able to count the number of languages in world in total. How ever some languages are more dominant than other. Like Enlgish, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese and hence forth. Still i found oud that in many language, there are same basic vocabulary, for example, Father in different language, Vater (German), Peeta(hindi) baba(chinese)

I don't believe in this legend. I was wondering the same question. The science give us a explanation and religion give us other explanation... but I don't believe in anything.

Actually , the aonther challenging issue should be concentrated on "how many langauge would be extinct per year"  we have less languages than ever before year by year , if we do nothing  , youu would find more language vanish in the future decades  like dodo extinction

I think german like to study on this question.

Although we have different language but you can find something the same behind language

Although our languages are different.


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