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I want to find a native english speaker to help me. My spoken english is poor and i can teach you Marderin . it is better you are an american .




I want to find a native English speaker to help me. My spoken English is poor and I can teach you Mandarin. It would be better if you are an American.

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Good job! I hope you find someone! :)

I hope the "someone" is you  

It is very hard to find a native english speaker to help you on this website . I noticed most native english speakers are not willing to spend their precious time to conserve with you unless they are highly motivated to learn mandarin . To those who want to learn chinese seriously , they would choose travel to china to have more opportunity to learn chinese as i know it 


Maybe that is my personal biased opinion..... 

   you makes me so sad .  

hello Gloomy. Are you hearing some podcast on spoken american english? It can be helpful, because you hear what they said then you record your voice speaking what they said and then you can compare your voice with the  native one, I have spent many time looking for someone but sometimes it is difficult because our schedules are different, sometimes they live far away from us. I think that a non native english speaker who was fluent on english can help you too. I am not fluent enough but I have been improving my spoken english since I have took a course named Effortless english it helps me a lot. Maybe I can not help you because I am learning english too but If you want to be my friend maybe we can practice together.  

I'm a native English speaker (American). I'd be willing to help anyone on this discussion, including the one who posted it. I'm not learning Mandarin, but I'd still be interested in learning some things to say in it. :)

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