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help me! :D

hello i took spanish cour in begginer level this somerser i like spanish and i want to get aa from this cours. who can help me:) 



I can help you with your spanish, I am a native spanish speaker and I also speak english in an intermediate level. 


I can also help you with you spanish, well, as long as you help me with my English. It will be interesting to share our knowledge. I'm at university.. I'm studying English as a foreign language. I can say that my spanish level, before starting my studies was "normal", but right now I can say that it is (lest's say) cool.


i can help you with your spanish and you can help me with my english if you want, we can chat for skype my account is sfcastilla 

We can do language ex-change Spanish-English if you want. Just let me know whenever you want :=)

well add my skype I coul teach you 


ese es mi skype:chahinjlali

hi this is my skype johncyriis8702 add me i can help you with your spanish, i'm native speaker.. see you!

Hi!..I'm spanish native because I'm from Spain!


This is my skype: daniel.menchen82

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