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Finnish! Please teach me!

Is there any Finnish speaker and glad to teach?

I'm anxious for learning it, but it is few sources to search for

I have none basic of it.

Is anyone can teach me a little? Even if that is very very simple.

I like Finnish culture and I want to learn the language to know more about it.

Thanks! If you like, we also can exchange the language of Chinese.



Thank you for the information Liina, I apreciate the links. Now I can start.


There is the problem that most available resources are in English. This is also a difficulty for me trying to learn Mandarin Chinese.


I don't know if there is Chinese materials to learn Finnish. There is no Finnish material to learn the most spoken language.

Heiii,,, Help me

i wanna for learning this language



What would i said in finnish language about this sentence "if u conceited, i wont be your friend again'


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