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Technology in the last 50 years has had a negative impact on culture's around the world. What do you think?

Technology in the last 50 years has had a negative impact on culture's around the world. What do you think?



yes, thats true, thecnology give transformation, especially for kids mind,


I don't think so it give a great oportunity to be able to understand other culture and be more tolerant so I sincerely think that it has a possitive impact in our lives.

I don't think so.Technology has not only enhanced our quality of leaving but also reduces the effort for cumbersome and unproductive tasks and helped a lot to accomplish task easily with little human effort. Witnessing the advent of technolgy for 5 decades our living standard has dramatically been changed from trite and banal work to research and innovation.For instance, one can optimally use skype to talk with their older parents living far away. As it has been profoundly embraced by developed countries to make best of it. However, use of technology must be observed for teenagers as they might abuse it for porn sites or useless activities like playing games, chatting. So it must be tailored for precise use from adolescents.

Social networks have made it easier for people to be bullies/ be bullied.

Technology is neutral depending upon how we use it . I don't think technology brought us all negative impact to our lives in the past 50 years. It is supposed to be bilateral effects to our daily lives .

Look to the positive side , current technology give us so convenient life and information . You don't have to go outside to be able to retrieve essential information from internet and this evolution of information transmission is far beyond most people imagination. You can sit in your house to order plenty of merchnadise from various shopping website by clicking and mouse moving.

On the contrary, current technology has made us more aloof and emotionless . Transmission of information is replaced hugely by internet to make lots of people staying in front of desktop  . Gossip between friends and neighbors is getting decreasing . the chance to have eye contact is being reduced over time.


Certainly , if you want to take more than 100 examples to tell how the technology brings us , it might be easy . My opinion is to enjoy the bright side of current technology and trying not to be the slaver of machine. 


The technology has made the persons more stupids than before....this is my opinion

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