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indonesian food

what do you think about indonesian food??

have you ever tasted it??




I've never been to Indonesia, but I've tasted it here in Canada (and in the Netherlands). I like it a lot, but I bet it would taste better in Indonesia, and also that there would be many more varieties of dishes than we can get here.

what kind of food that you ever tasted?

Heh! There are a few Indonesian (as well as Singaporean and Malay) restaurants here in Vancouver that serve it, personally my favorites are Tempe Pedas, black rice pudding, tauge, lontong.. ... I usually eat vegetarian food so I haven't tried the meat dishes really, I'm sure I'm missing lots of good ones.

great, may be next time you shoul try gado-gado and pecel

in my experience , it is supposed to be spicy , is'nt ?  It is well known as its strong smell and flavour

yes, spicy is the caracteristic if indonesian food, how about taiwan food?

I have never been to an Indonesian restaurant but the Asian cuisine is my favorite. I am sure it is delicious. What are some of the dishes you like? I'm not a big meat eater.

i love fried rice, gado-gado, and soto

Ii've never eat indonesian food but I think I would be delicius I think here In Mexico aren't Indonesian restaurant:( but if I find one I would eat  Gado Gado rice I have a question what's soto?

soto is indonesian soup which rich of indoensian spices

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