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What is the most difficult language to learn?

I really dont know the answer because I think that every language have many features that make it hard, I think that chinese language must be very difficult to write but I don´t know if there are another language more difficult to write.




I cannot agree with your comment on chinese writing any more , even though i can  write traditional chinese easily . however, chinese grammar is relatively simple as far as i know . Many primitive poets used their individual grammar to make various wonderful sentences and poems. Those poems are undoubtfully praised and broadcasted till now. To speak chinese is far easier than to write it down.  The conception of learning Chinese it is unanimously and commonly accepted .


I suppose Germany is the most difficult language to learn in several chief langauge , although it is very easy to read out. It may be biased , perhapes confined my personal experience. I hope more friends on the website to share their experience with us in language learning.

Different people have different ideas.Only when you are there where the language is speaking,can you learn quickly.Beacause you will realise the culture there and learn easilly.So i dream i can go abroad one day.

Hello Allen, what you said is surprising me, I really don´t know anything about chinese language but I think that your writing must be very difficult because I have seen many characters on chineses writings, I can not appreciate any similarity with spanish, we only have 29 differents characters but our grammar is very difficult, I only have been studying english and I have found some similarities with spanish but maybe Chinese pronunciation could be easier than english pronunciation, I really love to learn languages but when I saw chinese(japanese, korean, arabic or another language with different and a lot of characters) characters It makes me afraid of learning chinese writing because I thought that it must be very difficult to learn, but maybe I was wrong and chinese would be easier than spanish or english.  

Hello Kobe-messi I agree with you and It is one of my dreams travel abroad but unfortunately I can´t so I only can know another culture and people from many countries by internet. I think I am very naive because I only know my own culture but I dream to go to a country where people speak english and live there for a short time for mastering my english, I am fascinated about Asian culture too but learning languages with many characters make me afraid but Its characters are very beautiful they are like art for me, I have known many people who has tatoos with chinese characters and It seems nice. One day it would be nice to learn about chinese language and maybe my afraid was only inside of my mind and chinese could be easy to learn.

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