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Do "each" and "every" the same meaning? if they don't, Which are the differences?




each is not utterly equal to every . if you use every , you want to stress not any one lost or missed , if you use each , you just want to tell a regular rhythm

each and every are do not share the same meaning. Each and Every are both " determiners", words that are used with single nouns to show a quantity of an object. However, "Each" is often used as a pronoun, "every" isn't . Especially when it comes to defining two objects in a sentence.
 for example: " The girl wore anklets on each leg." 
    Not: " The girl wore anklets on every leg."


Futhermore, In english when it comes to adverbs (practically, almost, nearly, etc.) only "Every" can be used. For example in the following sentences:

She practically knew every fact about Justin Beiber.


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