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China (中国)

What's your impression of China ?(你们印象中的中国是怎样的?)



beautiful  crowded

beautiful crowded

I am an old American (76).


I think that the progress that China has made in the last 30 years is wonderful.


The whole world now respects China.


The young people of China enjoy a prosperous life that their parents and grandparents never had.


Like many other people. I hope that the Chinese government and the Chinese people will work together in a peaceful and respectful way to introduce a little more democracy, such as a little more freedom of the press. (I understand, however, that the most important thing is to maintain tranquility in the country. So China cannot allow the amount of freedom of the press that exists in the United States or Europe.)


Oh~~Sir , I want to say my grandfather's (my mum's father) age is similar with you , he is 74 , but he won't surf Internet . He is a teacher and has retired now .


Yes , as you said , China is becoming strong and presperous , but the double pressure at home and abroad also poses challenge to the development of us . In the meantime , she is losing something , for example , waste of water resources , environment pollution , the lost of the traditional culture , the impact of foreign culture , ect . But i think this is a walk on the road to revival of the county must go through .


ps:In fact , my English is not good , just some simple communication , so i hope you can understand what i mean .

elena_esp , i agree with you , but you know China is still a developing county , my motherland is walking on the road to revival . Believe us , believe the Chinese dream , please .

Love China! Espcially where it stands in the economy world, it's always moving forward. I love the language, the culture, and the food. It's a very interesting place.. 

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