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About changing job, or Diletants and Professionals.

Today we have many oppotunities to study - in each field, the way we like. So we can graduate from any university and than change our interests, study again and change job. But what do you think is it normal and right? I'll explain. If you finished some course and start working in new sphere are you quiet qualifed in your job? Don't you need to have more knowledge, more experience to be good specialist? I've seen many examples of terrific employees who are more diletants than professionals, that's why I ask. In Russia people usually choose their profession at once after they graduated. It's not good for my opinion. Are the most of people in your country do the same? Is there a good result after all? Of course, I believe anyone has right to find the job he or she like, but I divide hobbies and main deal. If you good at something you can do it your hobbie, but you should be competent in your main sphere. If you have many interests - good for you! Another question I'd like to ask is did you choose your studies deliberate? Or did you just guess that one of directions are more appropriate for you than others? Russians don't normal have education in choosing their future way, they only look at their marks at school - and decide... without having ideas about what will they study at the universtity and what will be waiting for them after it. I'm sorry if I'm wrong, I didn't mean that anyone in Russia act like that, but it's common for people of my environment.




I think it is common for young people finishing school to know what career they wish to pursue and to decide what to study at College or Univeristy based on their grades for certain subjects rather than looking at a combination of their interests and grades.  In the current global economic situation I think that perhaps, one benefit has been that people who have suddenly had to switch career in their 30s and 40s are looking more to what new opportunities they can pursue that are more interesting to them than what they did well at school.  They have a different set of ideas than when they were school or College kids because they have added life experience.  It's a fascinating topic to study!

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