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Intercultural Married Couples

hi, i am ivy, a university student from China. i am writing my thesis on intercultural clashes and adaptations in cross-cultural marriages. i designed a survey on two websites. can you do me a favor if you have any intercultral married friends? here are the addresses. the contents on the two websites are actually the same. Intercultural Married Couples Pls help me complete my survey on intercultural clashes and adaptations in cross-cultural marriages.i am a university student from China. here are te addresses. thank you very much!!!!




and, can you talk about the conflits and coping techniques in intercultural marriages??

i really appreciate your hlep!!!



Could you give me a hand?


Because I think you are a very good person, you should help me! My English is very poor, I am learning English, I need a man who understands English to help me, I think we can become good friends.

Ivy, I had seen a program in BBC which explains cross cultural marriage. It shows different examples, interviews from different couples which are married with different religions and cultures. It can be usefull for you. As you know GB can be multicultural country. It has a lot of different religion, cultures and etnicity. I think you can find in BBC as a text and program. Good luck. 



I will take part of the survay. I am part of an intercultural Italian/Russian marriage :)

I have just done your survey. I have to say, given that I am one half of an international marriage and that I have also previously dated girls of different nationalities as well as my own (so, I talk from experience), nationality and culture are largely irrelevant. Every relationship or marriage has conflict, but in my opinion having a different nationality or culture to your partner is rarely the cause of problems. A marriage is a marriage, and it is always going to be a work in progress and an exercise in compromise and understanding, regardless of where the two people in it are from. You know, I have more in common with my wife, who is from the other side of the world to me, than I have ever had in common with any woman from my own country. I also get on better with my wife than I ever got on with any other woman I knew before her. I don't see me and my wife as being fundamentally different. Remember, we are both human, and humans generally want the same things in life! Now if I was married to a monkey, then there'd be problems!

wow, it is an interesting topic, I have never known an intercultural marriage. I only have known many people who were in love from different countries and they meet each other by internet. But the majority of the cases they will never succeed in their relationships because they were too long. The majority of them never went to the country from the another one.

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