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Many of us struggle to forgive those who have wronged us, but forgiveness is often so difficult to find. But what makes it so hard to let resentment go? 



I agree that you should not think every day about the bad people who hurt you, for that only hurts you, not the bad people.


But I do not believe that you  should forgive or forget. I do not forgive the bad people who have hurt me. And I do not forget what they did.  But I do NOT think about it every day.


It makes me happy to think that MAYBE  something bad will happen to those bad people later in their lives.



But what makes it so hard to let resentment go?  


I believe that in most instances it's because the issue it still "open" and has not come to closure. You can forget and forgive easier if you openly talk about it with the person who wronged you and find out what their motive was. 


Just my 5 cents.


Forgiveness can be a difficult thing to do...especially if that person has wronged you in a deep and profound way. But it is a good thing to do.

When we are wronged and then remember it later, we can sometimes feel those same hurt feelings. In a sense, it is like being wronged again! I feel that not forgiving someone can eat at your soul and consume your life. If we forgive others, not only can we grow and be happy, we take away the hurt that those memories can cause.

Forgiveness doesn't mean allowing people to keep hurting us...we should do whatever we can to stop that from happening.

One thing that helps with forgiveness is empathy. Sometimes people hurt others because they are hurting. It is hard to do, but if we try to understand how those that hurt us might feel, we can sometimes understand and see what caused them to hurt others.

I know of some good stories of forgiveness that inspire me to forgive. If you like I can share them...just let me know!

To say is one thing , to do is another 

Some people would give advice to forgive someone who wronged you , neverthless, they cannot take it     once they were also badly treated . So the best policy is trusting your intuition after full consideration . If you do want to forgive this bad guy , I bless you as GOD will help you .Remenber it , to forgive is to release your pressure not just for the wrong guy. If you really did not want to forgive this bad guy , never force yourself to forgive .

The most terrible thing is you were forced to forgive someone while later you utterly regret. 


maybe the black hearts


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