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The meaning of your name, Do you know it?

Do you know the meaning of your name? 

It is  interesting to hear others names and theirs pronunciations (personally I like the russian names)

and of course , its meaning, for example the mine

Adán: Made of earth (hecho de tierra)

I am not made of earth (sometimes am dirty) u.u



That is really funy. Do you the meaning of the Chinese name Ji yung?

My name is Caroline and it means 'song of joy'. I like to sing, but I'm not always joyful, hahaha.

You have an interesting name. It's the same as the English name Adam, right?



@Yusra : What does it mean D: 

@Carloine : Yes the "version" of my name in english is Adam :)






My name is Farhana. It's mean 'our happiness'. It's from arabic word. Nice feel to share with you. :)

My name is Deshan, its a Sanskrit name for " Of the Nation".

And no to all you who pronounce it deSHAWN, if you try to pronounce it with a french accent you would get it right, like this (Dé Shan)

My name (Robert) means bright frame or shining. I think it's originally from French, but is Very common in English and exists in German too, as well as other languages (Spanish). 

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