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What is your favorite Turkish food, dessert, pasteries and sweets?

I am going to Turkey on May 27th. I am looking for different Turkish dishes, and desserts that I should try. I love Turkish Kebab. Could you please suggest some tasty and delicious Turkish dishes, desserts, pastries and sweets for me to try?


Thanks in advance.



Turkish Baklava... They are to die for ;)

if you love meat "sac kavurma" a type of roasted meat ,"iskender kebap" famous bursa's kebap, 'adana kebap' a type of meatball and "kuzu tandır"  lamb in oven

dessert: "fıstıklı burma kadayıf" 

have a good meal ı hope u enjoy...

Thanks a million vishalvijayk and Erkan for your help, and telling me about these tast desserts and dishes. I appreciate it.

Where are you going to. Because every part of Turkey has different dishes, meals, deserts and cousins. West part of Turkey generally likes vegetables but east and south part of Turkey likes meat. North has a different cousin too. I advise you to search local cousin, dishes and sweets. You can eat kebap, doner, baklave in everywhere. But local dishes and sweets are very different and have unexplainable tastes. Have a good journey.

Thanks a million Makdis57 for helping me. I am going to Istanbul, and stay there for 7 days and then I'll go to Antalya and stay there for 8 days.


Borek. That's all I ate when I was there, haha.

Thanks a lot LaraLogic for your suggestion. I'll definitely try it. :)

Thanks a lot Bullwinkle for your recommendation. I'll absolutely try it. It must be delicious. :)


I second Erkan's and Bullwinkle's suggestion of İskender kebap - it's very filling and delicious! Kumpir will also fill you up.  For a quick meal, there are durum wraps or hamsi tava. These are all very easy to find (I'm in Ankara at the moment) and not expensive.  Oh yes, and try midye dolma if you're walking around in the evening.


Treat yourselves to an Ege Kahvaltısı (Aegean Breakfast). Just remember, "little little, into the middle". :D


Popular desserts are kazandibi and fırın sütlaç.


Happy noshing!

You must try 'döner','kebab' and 'köfte' wıth ayran..defınıtely you should choose fish in antalya :)

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