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Tell me why do you like to learn the language that you are learning?

Let me say why do I like Japan so much!When I was in my country,I was suffering a lot!.I won't say too much detail about it!But I'm ashemed of my country!,we have to improve a lot,I'm sorry whoever is learning in Portuguese(Brazilian).What you see on TV about my country is not True!

They never say about the bad things in my country,lethal things.

When I was about to do the worst thing in my all life..I was always thinking about Japan,so I didn't do the worst thing in my all life(suiced).I had suffered racism as a English speaker from my own people! I always wondering why did they do that?!I'm not English.But I like England,but I prefer Japan.

I had no father by my side,either my mother.I was alone,Brazil is not what you see on TV.My father is Brazilian,but I want to see him suffering!.
I didn't ask for born,I didn't ask for everything that has happened to me.Now I love Japan,I don't want to change anymore!I want to live in Japan. To be a singer!To get a new Life!restart everything,that is broken in my life and I couldn't solve when I was there.




I'm learning Korean, and i'm loving it so far! I love listening to korean music, i love their culture, and almost everything about it so it gets more interesting to me as i learn more and more. 

 I love to learn Japanese language because I was so addicted in anime and Japanese horror movie. I also love to learn Spanish because some of the word we are using here in philippines are spanish therefore it would be a bit easier to learn spanish.

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