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Has this happened to you? (Speaking a non-native language to someone in another country)

I have a friend who is bilingual in English and Chinese who went to France not long ago. She stopped at a Chinese restaurant for dinner, and while she could not speak French well, she was able to converse with the waiter in Chinese. I found this really interesting because it happened that the only languages the waiter knew were French and Chinese, and so the two were able to connect in a way that they could not have done without having a native language in common.


So, my question is, has something like this ever happened to you? Have you ever been to a country where you did not know the language well but were able to communicate with someone who spoke a language you knew (especially if it's one you don't commonly use)?



Hi Elizabeth! Yes, this happened to me in China. I was in Beijing on vacation, and I do not speak any variety of Chinese. While I was there, I met a Chinese friend of my traveling companion. She didn't speak any English, but she did speak Spanish, so we were able to converse in Spanish. It was pretty funny (and completely unexpected) to be in China using Spanish to communicate! ^_^

I met a germany girl in australia 2 months ago while i traveled to Brisbane Australia. That girl is a considerate volunteer who works for impoverish children foundation (not surely) . I talked with her in english though my english is a little blunt but i can feel her ambition and zeal for raising fund  . I was really impressed by her passion then . that is a wonderful experience for me to talk to a non native english speaker in english. from then on , I determined to study harder in english speaking and listening.

Germany is excellent !

It has never happened to me in my life, but what I want to say here is that learning languages always can help you in different situations such as your friend's situation.


Thanks for sharing ^^

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