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Why some guyz here in italki is saying they are single even if they are already married?

Actually it's not a problem for me if a person is married or single besides I'm here for a purpose to find friends, to learn things from different country and to learn new language. I'm not here for intimate relationship. I don't like people who lied about their marital status specially when their wife does not know that they are calling and chatting other people. if your intension is good you should not be hiding anything.



I completely agree with you ^ &^


Indeed! Who ever mentions whether they are married or single, it seems quite irrelevant.  There are plenty of social dating and introduction sites where they can go and cheat to their hearts content.  Here it is such a pleasant fact that we never have to worry about it.

I agree with laogui32 totally

To me this is a venue to for learning languages. It is about helping others and receiving help from others. I guess some guyz got that wrong and they probably lie about other things as well. 

It is not wise to make friends with someone lie about their marital status.

Hello Dutzy Doris

These persons should understand that we are on italki only for improving our skills about a new language....These persons are very stupids...

honest being rare


Here is a good place to learn language instead of mating with some girl or boy.

I did not ask for their Marital Status they just told me so and I am keeping my conversation as simple as possible. What really bother me is that one day the wife call me and asking me with so many questions because she doesn't know that her husband was doing these things and it is so tiring on my part to explain everything to her where in I am not the one who should be doing these.

That just means they are immature. Sadly in mature age immaturity seems to be common and hardly if ever mature people get over it.

I think person who lies at such things has different intentions than being language partner or friend. I feel sorry for people who doesn't get everything in their marriage or relationship but same time that shouldn't be excuse to cheat or lie.

If you're sure someone is lying you better avoid him or her. But if you're not so sure be careful to not judge too fast as that can happen too. Trust your feelings and if you're not sure, well act carefully.

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