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How to speak italian laguauge??? help me....



first of all: studying grammar rules, then start to write and speak little sentences. when you feel to be able to have a speech (also if a presentation of yourself), try to speak to someone.
step by step, but without study it is impossible to learn any language

ya i knw also m intrested to learning italian language but i don't  have any books..

I think that is not so difficult to find it in some library. start with something really simple, general grammar rules, study the present and the most common past. from time to time. the road is long and difficult and italian is not easy to learn because it is full of exceptions and sub-rules...but the will and the determination can help you a lot


If you want to study by yourself I think the assimil course is very good. 

In general, the communicative mothod is very because  students are actively engage in trying to make themselves understood and in understanding others. Students will be more motivated learning to communicate and will learn to communicate effectively. Grammar rules are presented in context.

thank so much...i try ma best..and i will downloud assimil course books.. 

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