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What's the best way to start Spanish?

I'm currently interested in learning Spanish but I have no idea how to start it since I'm kind of blind about this language.



If you want I can help you with spanish. I think that you must start watching some children videos in spanish with lyrics because they use easy spanish and repeat a lot the same phrases. Then you would try to repeat what they said. I think that you should start by listening because you learned your native language First by listening, Second by speaking (repeating what you heard), third by reading and finally and the most difficult Issue writing (grammar rules). If you are interested I can give you some videos or you can search: videos para niños con subtitulos.


I began with watching videos on YouTube. There are tons of videos that can help you. I recommend checking out a series called "Bueno, Enconces..." It's beginner oriented, and quite funny. Also, try listening to music and watching movies in Spanish.


Bueno, Entonces...



A few good songs that may be of interest:


Vive la Vida Loca - Ricky Martin


Me Gustas tu - Manu Chao


Good luck, and if you have any questions, please ask!


Try to learn the basics. A good way it's Assimil or Teach Yourself books. You can also watch some grammar videos on YouTube. At first it's hard, and you should focus on grammar; later on, combine grammar with some funny or interested content for you, such as the kind of music you listen in your mother tongue but in Spanish, e.g rock, pop, etc..



the best way to understand how Hispanics speak ...  watch movies... 

If you are interested in doing language ex-change Spanish-English just let me know. We can talk by skype.

For the Indonesian people I think it is not that hard to pronounce a Spanish word, because Spanish is a more consistent language in terms of spelling compared to other European languages. So learn the pronunciation guide and listen to audio learning materials. Then, after you are used to the vocabulary words and phrases, you can start learning grammar especially on the conjugation and object pronouns.  


If you want we could do ex-change Spanish-English. Just let me know if you are interested :)


Luckily there are a ton of free resources for learning Spanish!


I highly recommend starting with Mi Vida Loca:


Then watch Destinos:


and listen to Notes in Spanish:


For learning basic vocabulary, I really like duolingo:


And, of course, you can look for a language partner or a tutor here on italki! For absolute beginners, I recommend a tutor if you can afford it. A language partner isn't a teacher, and you might not have enough Spanish to hold up your side of the conversation - you might end up speaking in English the whole time, which is great for their learning but terrible for yours. Spanish teachers on italki are *extremely* affordable. 


Have fun learning Spanish!

I recomment   You will find flashcards with translations into many languages. This will allow you to master your essential vocabulary in Spanish. After that, you can follow with some grammar. For example, is great, but sometimes it is a bit too technical in the use of grammar. Please don't study too many rules, they will just interfere with your command of the language. I think that reading authentic texts is great,because it gives you confidence in your abilities while you read something that really interests you.

ok you must to learn grammar if you have read enough you will need to practice your spanish

my skype is marcelo.yaya add me, I will learn you.

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